Here are a few short videos that I’ve made as I experiement with Video Art. In these videos, I aim to quickly move the viewer through some deeper story. All of these videos are a look into something more about my own self- which is all I can seem to explore in art at this point.

This video features a small piano thought that I had stuck in my head for a few weeks. For this video, I spent several weeks filming and recording sound until I eventually sat down with it all and put together this story.

This video is likely still incomplete. I first came up with the bari sax part for this video and was humming it for days before I sat down to record. I think the video followed, and even weeks later I’m not sure they work together.

Nearly everyone who watched this video disliked it, but I think that’s the purpose of it. One of my good friends said it made their skin hurt. Honestly, it’s not one I was excited to show to anyone, but here it is nonetheless.


Photo galleries

Self Portrait

Black and White Film

smaller series



Business Desk Intern: May 2019- August 2019

I had the joy of being NPR’s business news desk intern in the summer of 2019. I pitched and wrote digital stories and helped reporters with research, cutting tape and finding sources for stories. Here are all of the stories I wrote during my internship, and below are a few of my favorites.

With So Many Startups Growing Into Unicorns, Can They Still Be Magical?

Unicorn Story Analytics

1st-Time Homebuyers Are Getting Squeezed Out By Investors

Homebuyers Story Analytics

Nissan Is Cutting 12,500 Jobs; Latest Sign Of Trouble For The Auto Industry

Nissan Story Analytics

Putting A Price On Chat: Slack Stock Jumps On 1st Day Of Trading

Slack Story Analytics


News Intern: January 2019- May 2019

I wrote daily stories for the website and produced episodes of Athens News Matters. Below are two of the episodes I produced.

Representatives from the ARK in Athens celebrate 30th anniversary, talk about their mission.

Community leaders discuss Envision Athens and the role education plays in the city’s improvement efforts.

Contributor: Aug 2019- Present

I pitch, report and produce feature stories.

Athens News Matters: Tiny-Home Owner Moves to Oglethorpe

Fast Copy

Freelance Business Intern: May 2018- August 2018

Fast Copy is a freelance journalism company run by Lori and Andy Johnston. I wrote stories through them for NABOR and Gulfshore Business during the summer of 2018.

The Naples Performing Arts Center’s Expansion

Long-Term Success in the Restaurant Business

The Red & Black

Contributor: October 2016- May 2017

Melding art with science: Kyle Meyer and UGA’s scientific glass shop use glass blowing to expand scientific equipment

Student speaks out about water crisis in Flint, Michigan

Staff Writer: May 2017- September 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Two Story Coffeehouse to move out of Five Points area

Avery Hudson: Student commencement speaker prepares for graduation

Senior Staff Writer: October 2017- August 2018

Building the brand: New consulting business is helping black business owners grow

Planting roots: East Athens garden to provide fresh produce to underserved community

UGA student affected by Iran-Iraq earthquake

Reaching across the rivalry, Redcoats show support for Alabama

UGA students and alumni reflect on deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history

Recruitment Editor: August 2018-December 2018

Mobile News Lab

Participant: October 2017- November 2017

My partner and I created a story about the beauty community in Athens using social media. We compiled those posts into one Storify page.

Participant: October 2018- November 2018

My partner and I created a story using only our cellphones to gather and edit all of the photos, video, audio and to write text. We published a story about the Athens Recycling Division’s School Supply Reuse Store on an Adobe Sparkpage.

Leader: October 2019- November 2019

I help teams find tools to enhance their storytelling on mobile platforms.

Jamie Calkin Art

Art and Media Intern: January 2018- May 2018

Jamie is a watercolor and ink artist in Athens, GA. I took photos for him, helped paint large-scale work, prepped surfaces for watercolor, set up at events and helped mat and frame artwork. I also hung some of my photos and paintings with his work in a gallery at a local business. Below are some photos I took for him.

Jamie Calkin
Jamie Calkin
Jamie Calkin

New Media

Here is a link to all of my assignments for classes in the New Media Institute.


Thank You Cards For The Biz Desk

Thank You Cards For The Business Desk

Red Flowers

Red Flowers

Women With Silk Recreation

Women With Silk Recreation

A Single Lily

My First Lily :)

Yellow Tulips

Yellow Flowers

Franz Marc’s Blue Horses Recreation

Blue Horses Recreation


I am currently conducting an independent study on digital design and innovation in journalism and post my work on this blog. I also post reflections on artwork and media as well.


Above all else, I value my relationships. I try my hardest to be a good friend, sibling, daughter, and a support for anyone who may need one. Second, I value creating. Whether I’m telling the stories of other people, my own story, or creating some sort of feeling, I think it’s important to be making things constantly. Third, I value collaborative creation and hard work. Without it, my work often becomes more self-serving than anything else.

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