Sustainability Seminar

(From Nov. 2018)

When thinking about my experience in the sustainability seminar this past semester, my mind keeps thinking about the mycelium and the interconnectedness and community we were creating in that class.

I enjoyed listening to others share so many insights I had never considered, and every time a new voice spoke I learned something new.

Each Tuesday morning, I become more and more aware of the importance of community, and the importance of appreciating the people and environment around us. I’ve always been passionate about sustainable living, but this seminar showed me so much more than I expected. I left feeling like I understood what this certificate really means.

The friendships I made during the semester are ones I’m sure will last, and with people who I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet. The ideas and inspirations others shared have inspired and motivated me to not become disheartened in a culture where taking care of our environment is considered a luxury or hassle, only possible to be done by the passionate and wealthy.

I learned how simply becoming more thoughtful in grocery shopping, clothing purchases and even in conversations with peers can be the greatest starting point for meaningful change. Often times our hearts and minds first jump to ideas for big change, and we forget how impactful those little actions can be. Not to say big change isn’t ultimately the goal, just that we tend to diminish the value of those small victories which bring us closer to our shared ultimate goal of creating a more sustainable world.

Guest speaker after guest speaker came into our classroom full of passion and optimism, and so many of my classmates, time after time, asked so many impactful and tough questions that are incredibly important for progress. I continue to be baffled by the insightful brains of my peers.

Overall, I am encouraged by the positivity, drive and passion I experienced in this class, and hope to hold on to those feelings as I move forward into my future courses and eventually a career.

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