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With So Many Startups Growing Into Unicorns, Can They Still Be Magical?

In the world of startups, unicorns are companies that are said to possess a rare kind of entrepreneurial magic. They’re privately held ventures worth $1 billion or more. Uber and Spotify were unicorns. DoorDash and Airbnb are still described that way.

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Nissan Is Cutting 12,500 Jobs; Latest Sign Of Trouble For The Auto Industry

Battered by a drop in sales and dive in profits, Nissan says it plans to cut 12,500 jobs around the world — including more than 1,400 in the United States — after posting a big drop in profits for the first quarter.

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Planting roots: East Athens garden to provide fresh produce to underserved community

After noticing the community around the Triangle Plaza was struggling to access fresh, healthy food, Broderick Flanigan had the idea to build a community garden that would provide the people of East Athens with fresh vegetables.

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1st-Time Homebuyers Are Getting Squeezed Out By Investors

It’s gotten a lot harder for first-time homebuyers to nab that dream house. The pool of smaller, affordable starter houses is low. And increasingly, first-time homebuyers are competing with investors who are buying up these homes.

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Putting A Price On Chat: Slack Stock Jumps On 1st Day Of Trading

In just five years, Slack has grown to have more than 10 million users and has become a verb in the process. “I’ll Slack you” is shorthand for sending a message via the workplace chat platform.

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Melding art with science: Kyle Meyer and UGA’s scientific glass shop use glass blowing to expand scientific equipment

For Kyle Meyer, glass blowing is more than just a hobby: it is the way he makes a living. Meyer, the latest manager of The University of Georgia’s Scientific Glass Shop, has been working there since July 2016.

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Tiny houses, big problems: Athens zoning regulations restrict residents from owning tiny houses

After building her tiny home in 2016, Paula Loniak found out zoning ordinances prevent her from keeping it in Athens. Click here to listen to the story broadcasted on WUGA.

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